Friday, August 26, 2011

Dalglish adding the final pieces of the puzzle

It's been reported by several sources that young Uruguayan defender Sebastian Coates is about to sign a contract at Anfield Road. With this move Liverpool could finally strengthen the heart of their defence and bring in a good investment for the future. With an aging Jamie Carragher, injury prone Daniel Agger and the sale of Sotiris Kyrgiakos Liverpool's defence was in desperate need of a boost. The youngsters Wilson, Flannagan and Kelly still need to be brought into the squad to fully adjust to Premier League football. Sktrl's role will probably be minimized this season, unless he manages to surprise us all of course.

Coates holding the Copa America which the Uruguayan team managed to win last july.

Anyone who managed to catch some of Uruguay's games during the copa will surely agree with me when I say this lad is perfect for the Premier League. As most Uruguayans this bloke has a great working ethic and is also intelligent on the ball and in his defensive positioning. Luis Suarez undoubtedly played a role in this transfer and is showing to be a great club player with real hart for the club. He did a similar thing at Ajax where he managed to bring the immensely talented Nicolas Lodeiro to the club.

Next on the list is the extra striker Liverpool desire. Latest news is that none other than the ultimate cult-hero Craig Bellamy will fill in this spot. Manchester City will let him go for free if he finds a suitable club and apparently Liverpool has come knocking on the door. It'd be great to see a player with his type of flair on and off the pitch at Anfield but maybe he's just a little bit too much like Dirk Kuyt. Like Kuyt he enjoys operating on the right side of the pitch and to cut inside. Although Kuyt is more of a workhorse and Bellamy edges to the more technical side when it comes to creating chances I'm not quite sure he's the ideal man for the striker position.

Bellamy bein' all Liverpooly in earlier days.

As the transfer window enters its final days we will probably see more and more stories popping up with the club owners still willing to invest to strengthen this year's squad.

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